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Welcome to a Brotherhood of Faith

We are excited to extend a special invitation to you to join our newest Life Group: "For Men Only!" This group is designed specifically for men who seek to deepen their faith, strengthen their character, and lead themselves and their families with purpose under the guidance of God. Led by Pastor Tyrone Partee and other selected men of faith, "For Men Only" will provide a safe and supportive environment for men to gather, listen to scripture, share their experiences, and pray for God's manifest presence in our lives.

Our gatherings will take place bi-weekly starting on March 27 at 7:00 pm (PST), conducted via Zoom. Throughout our sessions, we will explore various themes essential to men's spiritual growth and leadership.

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Find Your Tribe, Foster Your Faith

In a world that sometimes demands we go it alone, our Life Group reaffirms the power of togetherness. It's a fellowship where Christian faith guides our discourse and where we, as men, can grow spiritually, emotionally, and personally, through shared experiences and wisdom. 

WITH PASTOR tyrone partee

We welcome you to join our growing family. Whether you're looking to deepen your faith, seek guidance, or simply find friends that align with your values—there's a place for you by our side.

Joining is simple. Click below to register and receive more information about our next gathering. Remember, your story is God's gift to you, and what you do with it is your gift to Him. Come write your next chapter with us.

Plant your roots in a community where faith and life intersect. We can't wait to meet you.

Connect with Us - You Belong Here

Take the brave step into a community that sees you, hears you, and values you. Click the button below to express your interest, and we'll warmly welcome you into the fold.

Your presence is the missing piece in our mosaic of fellowship. Together, in unity and faith, we are formidable. Together, we can face the days ahead with courage and hope. Bring your story. Bring your spirit. Bring your faith.

And remember, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” - Matthew 18:20

we will explore various themes essential to men's spiritual growth and leadership, including:

Men of Purpose

Men of Identity

Understanding our unique calling as men to work, provide, and stand firm in faith.
Finding our true identity in Christ and living out of that truth.

Men as Husbands and Fathers

Embracing the roles of husband and father with biblical wisdom and love. 

Men of Character

Cultivating godly character traits that reflect Christ in all aspects of life.

Men of Courage

Stepping into courage and responsibility as leaders in our homes and communities.

Men of Forgiveness

Experiencing and extending the forgiveness and grace of God in our lives.together. 

Men of Community

Building deep, meaningful relationships with other men for mutual encouragement and accountability.

Men of Hope

Anchoring our lives in the hope we have in Christ, even in the midst of challenges and trials.